E.C.A. SEREL Introduces Smart Ideas To German Market


Elginkan Group, active in German market with E.C.A SEREL -Turkey's leading brand in construction and heat industry- since 2001, opened their first store in Germany and now brings together bringing together German consumers with innovative products.

Since 2001, E.C.A and SEREL -Turkey’s leading brands- are active in Heat and Construction industry in German Market through E.C.A Germany GmbH, one of companies under Elginkan Group. E.C.A. Germany GmbH opened its first store in the Hohenzollerinring district of Cologne, Germany on March 17, 2017, bringing together German consumers with innovative products.

In showrooms, the importance of hygiene and easy cleaning in wet floors with the innovative and technological features of E.C.A and SEREL branded armatures and ceramic sanitary ware are highlighted.

The group, which has succeeded in becoming a very important producer in panel radiator sector in the world with its heat group products, aims to keep this competition in the German market while competing with the global big companies without compromising quality.

With its 65 years of experience, Elginkan Group carries business with 18 companies and 14 factories in Turkey. The group exports to 100 countries of the world in different cultural and economic fan from Europe to the Middle East and from America to the Far East and serves 700 customers under E.C.A SEREL brand. The Elginkan Group strives to be dynamic and innovative in order to be successful in global markets and recently has taken another important step towards reaching its goals of Globalization and being World with their store in Cologne.

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