Elginkan family who is from Manisa had different roots. Ümmühan Elginkan had ties with Sarukhanids, was one of the Anatolian beyliks, centered in Manisa, and Ahmet Elginkan came from Ruse near Shumen, which is today within borders of Bulgaria. The family was known as 'Necipzade from Ruse'.  

Elginkans, which dealt with timber trade in İzmir, had their first son Hüseyin Ekrem in 1924 and their second child Hüseyin Cahit in 1926.  University educations of two brothers played an important role in laying the foundations of Elginkan Community.

Having completed their education in İstanbul Technical University, Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan graduated in 1948 as Mechanical Engineer M.Sc. and Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan graduated in 1950 as Civil Engineer (M.Sc.).  

After serving as reserve officers in Ankara,  Hüseyin Ekrem and Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan brothers started business as contractors by performing minor office services and installation projects. Brothers expanded their works in 1953 and  recognized as the first contractors who enlarged their business to Anatolia.  In 1957, they stepped in industrial sector by founding  E.C.A. Presdöküm A.Ş. ,which was named after the combination of first letters of Ekrem, Cahit and their father Ahmet Elginkan.

In 1954, mother Ümmehan Elginkan, Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan and Hüseyin Cahit Elginkan decided on the establishment of a Foundation; this decision was materialized in 1985 after following various steps in years. Although it is not a common approach to establish foundations and/or establish bonds with foundations in settled business groups in Turkey, performing the management of the Community through a Foundation is regarded as an unusual business model.  

Mr. Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan, the founder of Elginkan Community, which operates in various sectors today with almost 3000 employees and 19 companies, passed away in April 2, 1999. Along with the fact that Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan took a leading role in industrialization efforts in Turkish Economy, his mentality regarding Corporate Ethics and/or Corporate Ethical Values, is also the most important legacy passed down to us.  

We appreciate the legacy Hüseyin Ekrem Elginkan left behind with faith and pride as Elginkan Family.

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