Comply with our following warning and recommendations definitely before assembling and commissioning your device.  These warnings are very important for healthy, safe and efficient operation of your device.

·         Device must be assembled by authorized installer dealer and in accordance with the assembly control list found within document envelope.

·         In case natural gas is to be used, you must prepare natural gas installation project in accordance with instructions of the local natural gas distribution companies and have it approved before performing the assembly of the device and natural gas connection.  You must have this project prepared by authorized engineering offices.  Natural gas installation must be built by authorized and expert organizations.

·         User must buy the device compatible with the gas (LPG or Natural Gas) it will use, otherwise must replace it before assembly.  Gas conversion is charged!

·         Hot tap water, central heater and gas installation must be ready in advance for assembly of the device.  All operations regarding these preparations belong are the responsibility of user.

·         First commissioning of device must be performed by authorized service definitely, and warnings of the authorizer service if any regarding selection of location, waste gas discharge connection etc. must be considered.

·         We recommend to have authorized service perform periodic maintenance of device for once a year before winter.  A service agreement must not be ignored since it will ensure fault-free operation and long life of device.  You can contact our nearest authorized center or free call center for detailed information regarding this matter.

·         Authorized service will explain you the working principles of the device and how  to use it.  User is in no way allowed to perform alteration, maintenance and repair on the device or has unauthorized third persons perform the aforesaid.  Otherwise warranty will be void.

·         When your device is required to be converted from natural gas to bottle gas or reverse, you must contact our authorized service and have the gas conversion process perform (gas conversion is charged).

·         Do not use gas bottle by tilting, turning upside down or shaking it in devices operating with bottled gas! Faults that may arise otherwise will not be evaluated within the scope of the warranty.  Moreover, bottles to be used must be TSE certified, and crushed and crooked pirate bottles must not be used! Device must be converted to bottled gas by the authorized service.  Hoods and gas hoses to be used must be TSE certified and hood with pressure over 30 mbars (300 mmSS) must not be used! Flow rate = min. 2.0 kg/h).

·         Device must not be mounted on places having acid vapor.

·         In order to both program the device and control room temperature, E.C.A. optionally offers program clock and room or outdoor air thermostats. If required, our authorized service will enlighten you regarding this subject.  However, original E.C.A. thermostats must be used definitely and connections must be made by our authorized service.  We do not accept any responsibility for damages on device arising from use of foreign branded thermostats.

·         Device must not be assembled on devices such as oven, cooker and washing machine.  Otherwise, rusting may occur due to food or detergent vapors.

·         In addition to the matters specified in device user's manual, all laws and regulations regarding gas operated devices are valid in device assembly and use.

·         "Assembly Check List" containing the aspects required to be paid attention to by the authorized installer dealer during device assembly, and complete list of our authorized services are provided separately within the bag of device.  If you have lost the authorized service list, you can search from our web site or obtain the information of the closest authorized service through our E.C.A. Call Centre number 444 0 322 .

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