Improved leadership qualifications and union of aim,

Respect to resources and environmental sensitivity,

Society and customer orientation,

Creating synergy from science and information,

Measurable values, results and process managements,

Quality and personal quality in all processes,

Productivity, efficiency and continuity,

Participatory and transparent management,

Belief in shareholders and team spirit based on love and respect,

Self-devotion and Empathy,

Openness to criticism, self-criticism and interaction,

Reconciliation, change, sharing and solidarity,

Catching cost leadership,

Importance given to employees (internal customer orientation)



ECA identity and our corporate identity created by our entrepreneur,

Quality and safe image of ECA Brand,

Our sense of quality and experience over 50 years,

Our corporate structure,

Our existence in every house in Turkey,

Our employees, who constantly improve their personal quality and favor reconciliation, change and share,

Our constantly improving communication and governance talent,

Our changing customer oriented processes that will increase customer satisfaction,

Our technological knowledge and our production capacity compatible with customer requirements that change using this when necessary,

Our financial talent,

Our customer services approaches and service power