Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

OUR AIM is to contribute to leaving next generations a clean and livable world by adopting environmental protection as principle in products and activities in line with targets and strategies that are created with the Mission and Vision of EMAS A.Ş., which is an organization of the Elginkan Community, and operating in Heating Sector.


Therefore, Environmental Protection commits to:

·         Generalize environmental awareness in all employees, customers and suppliers of the company with the support of the senior management,

·         Design product by considering EMAS A.Ş. environmental sizes, and comply with the legal environmental conditions and international environmental legislations in force in environmental sizes.

·         Reduce energy consumption and ensure recycling in wastes by ensuring constant improvement in product technology in order to reduce resource use.

·         Keep our wastes 'under control' constantly and ensure continuous improvement in them by means of our waste management,

·         Determine Environmental Aims and Targets and reach them through periodic reviews,

·         Document, and ensure implementation and continuation of TS EN ISO-14001 Environmental Management System, and

Communicate EMAS A.Ş. Environmental Policy to all its employees