Our Aims and Principles

Our Aims and Principles

As ELGİNKAN FAMILY, together with its FOUNDERS, who devoted all their bodies and souls to ELGİNKAN FOUNDATION they founded, with the ideal of ETERNAL ORGANIZATION, and ELGİNKAN COMMUNITY, has been aiming for half a century together with its employees to transform the Community Companies into European companies first, and then world companies; and become an ETERNAL ORGANIZATION by creating value in Turkish economy, business life, work ethics and social cultural norms.

Principles to be followed in realization of this aim of the Community are:

Being together for years

Providing our products at world quality and standards, ensuring service possibilities, continuation and satisfaction in our customer, dealer and service relations and protecting and improving the image we have in public.

Healthy growth

Detecting the sectors that will lead the development of the country and directing its activities to those sectors. Transforming the entire earning it obtains with the conscience of health growth into investment again in line with the aim of putting it at the disposal of the Turkish Nation.

Our righteousness forming the base of our existence

Honest earning, avoiding waste, commitment to the customs and traditions of the Turkish culture, adopting fair and honest working principle respectful to laws and moral rules

and transferring them next generations, and acting in all our activities with the conscious of protecting the environment

Accepting our employees as the source of our existence

The best investment is the investment made in human. It is our mission to benefit from talents, power and creativity of our employees, increase their productivity, enable them to develop, and create an environment in which there is information transfer and share, and love and respect. Development of the feeling of ownership and giving spirit of entrepreneurship prominence in our employees is the cornerstone of our management philosophy. To establish educational institutions that will raise productive man power and eternalize them by spreading to society through ELGİNKAN FOUNDATION.

The principles above are the commitment of Elginkan Community to the Turkish Nation, its Customers and Employees.